Freecom HDD & iPad mini POUCH CUSTOM Nel Blue & Nel Dark Brown Custom by Porter Classic

Porter Classic

1.8inch Leather by Porter Classic から3年。ポータークラシックとフリーコムが あなただけのHDD & iPad mini ポーチをつくりました。 ヴィンテージのネルシャツ約2万枚の中から、 柄や状態の良い物を1枚1枚吟味し、 Porter Classic のお針子がネルシャツを1点1点手作業にて解体。 パッチワークを施し、その後は浅草の工房にて、 ブルーは藍染めをブラックは染料染めを施しています。 全ての工程を手作業にて行い完成させた、 Freecomだけのスペシャルポーチ。 二つとして同じ柄のないあなただけのポーチです。 ポータークラシックが追求するMade in Japanの世界で FreecomのTechnologyを包んでください。

It has been three years since the launch of 1.8inch Leather by Porter Classic. Porter Classic and Freecom have made a HDD & iPad mini pouch just for you. First, we carried out a careful examination of the pattern and quality of about 20,000 vintage flannel shirts one by one. Then, the seamstresses of Porter Classic took apart these flannel shirts one at a time by hand. Next, we applied patchwork. After this, we applied indigo dyeing to get the blue and colored dyeing to get the black at our studio in Asakusa. These are special pouches made only by Freecom in which all stages of the manufacturing process are completed by hand. These are pouches only for you with no two patterns alike. Please cover the technology of Freecom with the world of “Made in Japan” that is sought after by Porter Classic.

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